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Robert Tanitch – Website

A simple and minimal design for a website to display some of the authors’ books and works (Robert Tanitch). It…
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Visual Communication (Thesis)

1998 – In order to achieve the degree in Mass Communication at UCAB (Universidad Católica Andres Bello / Andres Bello…
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Multimedia / Science Museum (90s)

This particular video displays just few screenshots from a Spanish language Multimedia Kiosks presentation produced by Enzo Gianvittorio using Macromedia…
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Storyboard Sketches (80s/90s)

Some hand made sketches done as exercises during practices at university and academic years, in order to help audiovisual productions…
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Digital Illustrations (80s)

Some early steps experimenting with digital illustration and compositing using a mixture of techniques using the very first versions of…
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